Chrome shortcuts that can make your life easier.

I am writing this for mac users but if you swap commands with ctrl then it might help with the windows users too. The bolded ones are the ones that I mostly use.

CMD + SHIFT + J : Opens Downloads.

CMD + Y: Opens History

CMD + T: Opens new tab

CMD + D: Bookmarks the current tab

CMD + W: Opens previously closed tab one press at a time.

CMD + R: Refreshes

CMD + SHIFT + R: Hard Refreshes

CMD + O: Open file

CMD + P: Print 

CMD + F: Search in Tab

CMD + L: Selects the URL

CMD + N: New tab in New Window

CMD + , : Opens Settings

CMD + SHIFT + I : Opens Inspect

CMD + Mouse Click: Opens the link in a new tab

CMD + 1 – 9: Move to corresponding tab on the browser.

These shortcuts can easily make your life easier when doing tasks in your Chrome.

Wanna know how to take a screenshot of a full website using Google Chrome? Go to this link.

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